Q: How should I send my airgun?
A: You can ship your airgun to me via UPS, FedEx or USPS well packaged and insured. A Plano gun case inside a tight fitting cardboard box is the best way to protect your airgun during shipping. They can be bought online for around $20.00. Do not use packing peanuts. If you send your rifle with packing peanuts there will be a $30.00 packaging fee and I will ship your airgun back in a Plano gun case. DO NOT REQUIRE A SIGNATURE FOR DELIVERY. I may not be here to sign when your rifle is delivered and it will come back to you untuned.
Q: What should I do first to get my airgun tuned?
A: First you must contact me by phone or email to discuss which tuning options are right for you. I will also need the brand, model and serial number of your airgun. EMAIL ME YOUR FULL NAME, RETURN SHIPPING ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER.
Q: How should I pay for the tune?
A: You can pay with Visa, Master Card, America Express, Discover, PayPal or a USPS Money Order. All payments must be made in full when I finish tuning your gun.
Q: What brands and models of airguns do you tune?
A:  I tune the following brands and models:
   • Beeman and Weihrauch R and HW Series airguns.
   • RWS Diana 34, 36, 48, 52, 54 and 350. NO 460 or 470 airguns.
   • Air Arms TX200 and Pro Sport airguns.
   • Feinwerkbau FWB Sport 124 and 127 airguns.
   • I work on British and German air rifles ONLY. No Chinese or Turkish airguns.

Q: What if my airgun needs repairs?
A: If I find broken, missing or badly worn parts in your airgun THAT ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE TUNE, I will contact you immediately to discuss options and costs.
Q:  Is there a warranty offered to ensure my tune will not fail?
A: My tunes are 100% guaranteed for one full year from the service date.
Q: Are you qualified to tune my airgun?
A: I have worked on machines all my life. My degree in Engineering was earned in 1982. I have over three decades of experience in cutting edge mechanical technology. I found a love for airguns and endeavor to enhance their performance and reliability for myself and the spring gun community. Honesty, quality and service are what drive my business.
Q: Will a tune affect the pellet velocity of my airgun?
A: Yes. Some guns may see a slight increase in velocity and some may see a decrease. The thing I try to achieve by tuning your airgun is consistency. I try to make the gun shoot exactly the same every time. To do this, I tighten up the tolerances of the moving parts inside the power plant. This causes more friction which may cause a loss in velocity. But ask yourself, does a paper target care if it is hit at 700 fps or 750 fps? The answer is no. You want the pellet to hit the same point every time. This can not be done with a loose and inconsistent gun. Ask yourself again, does small game care if it is taken with a pellet traveling at 700 fps or 750 fps? The answer again is no. You want the pellet to hit the vital organ you are aiming for. The numbers on a chronograph that really mean something are Extreme Spread and Standard Deviation. Velocity means nothing if it is not consistent. Accuracy is everything.
Q: Which airgun should I buy?
A: That is a choice only you can make. But here is what I like. For fun and plinking, HW30S/R7 .177. For Hunting HW95/R9 .177. For targets Air Arms TX200 Mark III .177. For power, RWS Model 48 .22. Scopes, Hawke Air Max
and Varmint SF. Mounts, BKL 263.


Email Addresss:  Rob@SpringGunTunes.com

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Spring Gun Tunes offers custom tunes and repairs for Springer Guns, Spring Air Rifles, including
Beeman R and HW Series airguns, RWS, Air Arms and others.

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