The proper and careful packaging of your airgun will decrease the likelihood of it being damaged in shipment. DO NOT OVER PACK YOUR AIRGUN. I suggest wrapping your airgun with an inch of bubble wrap and placing it inside a hard plastic gun case. Bubble wrap can be purchased at your local UPS Store. You can find gun cases for as little as $20 online. Sporting goods stores and discount stores also have a good selection. Just make sure you get the cardboard box your gun case came in. Seal the cardboard box with plenty of shipping tape. Do not use duct tape, surgical tape or anything else not meant to seal cardboard boxes for shipping purposes. Be sure to carefully seal both ends of the box.

DO NOT USE PACKING PEANUTS. If you use them you will be charged a $30 handling fee. I keep my shop clean and those things go everywhere.

I return your airgun in the same package you send it in to me. I am not liable for any damage to your airgun during shipment or any shipping charges incurred during the process of filing a damage claim. This includes pick up charges for damage claim inspections. Therefore, it’s best to prevent damages from happening in the first place. Pack your airgun like it will be hauled from your place to mine and back to you in the rear of a truck on a bumpy road. Since in all reality, it will be.

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Spring Gun Tunes offers custom tunes and repairs for Springer Guns, Spring Air Rifles, including
Beeman R and HW Series airguns, RWS, Air Arms and others.

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