With the Full Tune, your gun will be completely disassembled and inspected. This process will identify broken, missing and worn parts that will reduce the life and accuracy of your airgun. De-burring and polishing will remove wear marks from sliding parts as well as reduce further deterioration of the action. Your gun will then be completely cleaned of all the old lubricants and dirt. Proper lubrication will ensure long life and reliable service of your airgun for years to come. New piston and breech seals will be installed to ensure proper sealing of the compression chamber to allow for the efficient transfer of power to the pellet. Every airgun I have ever opened had sharp edges from manufacturing, improper lubrication or damaged piston seals. Your airgun will be made much smoother by installing a new aftermarket mainspring with custom fitted spring guides. Spring twang and harshness are eliminated therefore allowing you to stay on target until the shot is complete. The crown of the barrel will also be inspected and repaired if necessary. Sizing the piston seal eliminates the need for an extended break in period by carefully trimming material from the seal lip so it fits the compression tube perfectly. A trigger job eliminates creep and provides for a crisp and light trigger pull. If your trigger requires that a lighter sear spring be used, I will install a new precision spring made of music wire or stainless steel. Reducing the spring rate is the proper way to reduce trigger pull.


Contact me by phone or email before sending your airgun.
Full payment is due when I finish tuning your airgun.

All payments due must be paid in full before your airgun will be shipped back to you.
You may pay with a USPS money order or use PayPal.
My PayPal account is rob@springguntunes.com.
Return shipping is not included.


Full Tune - $305.00

Scope Mounting Service - $25.00

Sight In Scope After Mounting - $25.00


Ship your airgun insured for its full replacement value to:

Rob Hawkins
204 Jonas Drive
Lincolnton, NC 28092

Email Addresss:  Rob@SpringGunTunes.com


I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. I do NOT ship airguns to the following locations:
Washington, DC / New York City or its Boroughs / Chicago, IL / New Jersey
or anywhere outside of the United States.


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Spring Gun Tunes offers custom tunes and repairs for Springer Guns, Spring Air Rifles, including
Beeman R and HW Series airguns, RWS, Air Arms and others.

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